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Hi there,

Today, I will share you a tips how to rendering view into variable:

To render a template in Phalcon, use the render, getRenderLevel or partial, for example

     //Setting views directory
     $view = new Phalcon\Mvc\View();
     //Shows recent posts view (app/views/posts/recent.phtml)
     $view->render('posts', 'recent');

     //Printing views output
     echo $view->getContent();

If the template needs variables to generate its contents, pass them as an array using the second optional argument:

    $parmas = ['vote' => something];
        'paritals ', //directory in views
        'comment', //the file into directory paratials
        function ($view) {

    return $this->view->getContent();

Variables passed to a template can be strings, arrays or even objects. Volt abstracts the difference between them and lets you access "attributes" of a variable with the dot (.) notation. The following code listing shows how to display the content of a variable passed by the controller depending on its type:

{# 1. Simple variables #}
{# $this->partial('template', array(
       'name' => 'Phalcon PHP')
   ) #}
{{ name }}

{# 2. Arrays #}
{# $this->partial('template', array(
       'user' => array('name' => 'Phanbook'))
   ) #}
{{ }}

{# alternative syntax for arrays #}
{{ user['name'] }}

{# 3. Objects #}
{# $this->partial('template', array(
       'user' => new User('Phalcontip'))
   ) #}
{{ }}
{{ user.getName }}

{# alternative syntax for objects #}
{{ }}
{{ user.getName() }}

It is often useful in case a ajax, for example you can see at phanbook or here

Also you can see documents at Did you enjoy this article? Let us know your thoughts!

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Khi dùng getRender thì nó chỉ render chính view mình sét, ví dụ: Mình muốn gửi mail html format với template = email.volt $this->view->getRender('dir_email', 'email', $parameters)

khi nó chạy chỉ render mỗi email.volt mà tất cả các view khác đều stop hết. ( chả hiểu là sao nữa nhiều người bị và phải chuyển sang $view->render()). Bất tiện ở chỗ vì nó khi run phát nó disable hết các view nên return blank page và không có một thông báo lỗi nào cả.