My first application with Phalcon php Step 1: Install Xampp and add phalcon dll I choose Phalcon 3.0.3 - Windows x86 for PHP 7.0.0 (vc14)

Step 2: Download and Install Composer

setting file in Composer.json

{ "require": { "phalcon/devtools": "dev-master", "": "dev-master" } }

Step 3: run Composer for get Phaldcon Dev and TCPDF for this project Create Folder for composer in htdocs/composer Go to run->cmd Go to your directory in htdocs/composer and run this command

composer install

in your directory have folder "vendor"

setting path on your window go property in my computer and setting your path of phalcon devtools this my computer cut phalcon devtools from htdocs/composer to C:/phalcon-devtools

Check completed phalcon devtools go to run-cmd

phalcon sucess

Step 4: create project for phalcon php Go to run->cmd go to your directory(htdocs in xampp) and run this command

phalcon create-project tutorial

this "tutorial" is my project's name

*Step 5: create model and scaffold for generate CRUD * before using command create model and scaffold I go to config.php edit for your db

* my Code :